Deserepi: Studies in Chinese Communist Party external work, a peer-reviewed journal, publishes original empirical research on the outward-facing political activities of the People’s Republic of China’s ruling party.

Papers present and discuss new findings on the structure, history and operations of party, state and military agencies involved in influencing foreign political systems, grounded in the analysis of sources in Chinese and the languages of target polities.

CCP influence operations mobilise organs across the political system, including intelligence, foreign affairs, propaganda, trade and united front agencies and their fronts. This apparatus, its roots in its Soviet analogue, its evolution from the Mao to the Xi era, its proxies and targets, its tactics and their local instantiations are the objects of the study of CCP influence work as an emerging discipline. Deserepi offers an outlet for the rigorous study of these operations, abstracted from any advocacy of target-polity responses.

Papers accepted after peer review appear online as preprints and are collected into annual issues. All online issues will remain available free of charge, without registration, on the journal’s website.

Deserepi is not affiliated with any organisation. It does not solicit grants or donations. It does not remunerate contributions or employ staff. Paper authors license the right of first publication to the journal, otherwise retaining copyright. The editor runs the journal’s website, acting in a personal capacity.

Deserepi’s editor oversees the peer-review and publication process and is ultimately responsible for accepting reviewed papers, in consultation with the editorial board. The editor is also responsible for designing and maintaining the journal’s website, at their own expense.

Editorial board

Alex Joske

Dr Ondřej Klimeš

Dr Jarmila Ptáčková

Professor Ralph Weber

Jichang Lulu, editor